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“EXCELL CABLES & WIRES” are Manufactured in one of the modern plants having all necessary infrastructure required for testing ultimate strength of its insulations, conductor and steel wire & strip in accordance with IS specifications.

We Have been awarded I.S.I License by Bureau to India Standard (B.I.S.) to manufacture armoured and unarmoured cables as per I.S. 1554 Specifications and also House Wires and Round Flexibles wire with Copper Aluminium Conductor as per IS 694 Specification.

“EXCELL CABLES & WIRES” used in different type of industries like Small Industries, Constructions, Textiles, Chemicals. Engineering, Thermal Power Generation, Petroleum, Fertilizers, Steel & Cement Industries, Government & Semi Government.

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Largest Manufacturer of Quality PVC Insulated Wires and Cables in Gujarat


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