Applications-PVC Flat – 3 Core

EXCELL submersible pump cables are used as supply and control cables for engines for submersible pumps, underwater lighting, and floating switches etc. up to the depth of 500 m and water temperature up to +75°C. These cables are ideal for outer installations in dry, moist and wet environments but however not suitable for explosive areas.

Standard length cable packing:

Coils 100, 200,300 and 500, 1000m. in wooden reels

New-age Automation needs are changing and to stay ahead you need to have nothing but the best in Cable Technology. Whether it is for connectivity or transmission, EXCELL has emerged as a prestigious Manufacturer for availing an array of Cables befitting demanding industrial requirements. If you are looking for flat submersible cable, EXCELL is the best option for you. We offer the best quality submersible cables which comprise all kinds of flat submersible cables. Our submersible cables are made up of the best quality raw materials which are procured from the best sources. We also manufacture these submersible cables under the best quality conditions possible. Our range is available at quite an affordable price. We are one of the known manufacturers of submersible power cables. Our relentless pursuit of delivering the best quality is driven by a team of experts, which has placed us amidst the prominent Cables Manufacturers in India. Flat submersible cables are specialised cables used. As their area of installation is physically restrictive, and the environment is very hostile, we design and manufacture them, keeping in mind these factors to achieve the highest possible degree of reliability & safety. Certain striking features of Flat Submersible cables include excellent resistant to moisture, abrasion, grease, oil, longer flex life, excellent mechanical & electrical properties.


Submersible Flat Cables
PVC 3 Core Flat Cables

Technical DataTable

PVC Flat – 3 core
Conductor PVC Insulation PVC Sheath Conductor Resistance at 20°C (max) Current Rating at 40°C
Nominal Area in Nos. & Dia. of wire Nominal Thickness Nominal Core Dia. Nominal Thickness Approx. Overall Dimensions
Thickness Width
Sq. mm. Nos./mm mm mm mm mm mm Ω/km Amps.
1.5 22/0.30 0.8 3.25 1.15 6 12.8 12.1 14
2.5 36/0.30 0.9 3.84 1.15 6.4 14.6 7.41 18
4 56/0.30 1 4.5 1.15 7.4 16.8 4.95 26
6 84/0.30 1 5.3 1.15 7.9 18.7 3.30 31
10 140/0.30 1 6.5 1.4 9.9 23.7 1.91 42
16  224/0.30 1 8 1.4 11.4 28 1.21 57
25 350/0.30 1.2 10.1 2 14.7 35.5 0.780 72
35 490/0.30 1.2 11.3 2 16.2 39.5 0.554 90

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