In a market scenario where people look for good quality multipurpose products, cables doesn’t stand apart. That is precisely why Multicore Round Cables are much in demand today. EXCELL keeping our commitment to customers in top priority has also ventured in to the production of these high-utility cables. Designed to power appliances/instruments like computers, communications, instrumentation, sound control, domestic industrial computers, security systems, audio and data transmission, these cables come in a diverse range and variety. They are competent enough to protect signal fidelity by reducing hum, noise, and crosstalk. Proved to be highly efficient in power and control applications, EXCELL Multicore Round Flexible Cables have every reason to stay up in consumer preferences across India.

Technical DataTable

Working voltage
Upto 1100 V
Temperature range
-15 deg C to +70 deg C
0.5 to 4.0 sq mm in two core to 19 cores6.0 to120 sq mm in Three and Four cores
Color codes
Black and Grey outer sheath
2 core cables – Red, Black
3 core cables – Red, Black & Yellow/Green for earth
4 core cables – Red, Yellow, Blue & Yellow/ Green for earth
5 core cables – Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & Grey
Any required colors on specific request.
IS 694:1990
In 100-meter coils. Higher sizes on drums

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